An elegant apartment building

integrated into the historic fabric of the district, Stalowa 27 respects the historic architecture of its surroundings, while adhering to a modern minimalism in tune with the latest trends in construction.

Thanks to its simple shape, panoramic windows, intimate loggias and an open-access patio designed as a common space for all residents, the building seamlessly blends in with existing architecture and the social climate of Nowa Praga.

The levels of the elevation allude to the heights of the decorative elements of surrounding tenement houses. The rhythmic divisions of windows and loggias have a horizontal set-off that creates an irregular facade configuration.

Stalowa is a street with a long history, surrounded by original architecture and old tenement houses rich in 19th-century architectural elements. Mostly 4-stories high, these urban tenements often had front elevations decorated with sumptuous bas-reliefs. Their stairwells featured metal stairs with wrought-iron railings and little shrines with figures of the Virgin Mary stood in the back yard, which can still be admired today.

Stalowa 27 perfectly blends in with the original architecture and the historic fabric of the neighbourhood. With its simple, minimalist design, the elegant building harks back to the industrial past of the district.