The living history of Praga

Stalowa is one of the most special streets in Praga Północ, unique in the city; a street that has preserved the urban layout and climate of old Warsaw almost intact. Its name comes from the Warsaw Steel Factory, which operated here in the second half of the 19th century. In the past, the neighbourhood was dominated by low, wooden tenements, but over time, large brick town houses were also built in the area.

Even though Stalowa did not experience any major damage in WWII, its architectural assets and potential went into a gradual decline. Neglected and underappreciated, the street slowly waned in importance.

Today, Stalowa is being restored to its former glory and is returning to its exceptional flavour and atmosphere as part of the systematic revitalization and renovation effort invested in this part of Warsaw. It is an extraordinary spot that has managed to resist the sway of global brands, where you can still find local artisans and places that have catered to the residents of Warsaw’s Praga district for years on end.